About us

The most exciting news that we have has been in the works for quite some time: 

We now have the capability to COMPLETELY rebuild a BP BSM 2016 or BSM 2620.

We own approximately 6 BP machines.  The concept is for us to do the rebuild at our shop...and when completed, we would ship our fresh machine to you in exchange for your tired machine.  AND, we can do it all for less than a third of what a new machine would cost.  Not to mention that it will slide right back into the space vacated by your old machine.  One foundry was able to do the change-out in 2 days!

BP 2016 Rebuild DEMO  http://www.youtube/watch?v=cyYBAjs8yTK

(If this link does not work, go to: youtube.com and search ifibp2016).

BP 2016 Rebuild Overview  http://www.youtube/watch?v=gRsn93OgJkU

(If this link does not work, go to: youtube.com and search ifibp360degree).

We have a few completed machines currently on-site making molds and a few more in the works.  Highlights of the rebuild include:

The machine is COMPLETELY disassembled, every nut and bolt removed.  The frame inspected, repaired as necessary, then sent out to be blasted and painted.  The sand magazine inspected, repaired as necessary including a new faceplate for the Cope Seal/Blow Seal.  The inside surface is then prep'd and an epoxy coating is applied to resist abrasion an corrosion.  The outside is also blasted-then painted.  We typically will use the POSI-FLATE butterfly valve to keep the sand flowing and then seal the sand chamber.

All hydraulic cylinders are rebuilt.  The main 'stump' (Drag Control and Table cylinders) are sent out, disassembled, rods chromed, brass rings fitted with a Teflon wear ring, inside bore honed, new seals and wipers installed.  All valves professionally repaired-if not feasible to repair, then replaced.

Of course, the flasks are completelt rebuilt as well.  Including new mating surfaces WELDED in place, new urethane, vents, pins, and bushings.  The cheek is fitted with our pattern mounting blocks.

The machine will be fitted with a state-of-the art Allen-Bradley PLC.  All micro-switches will be eliminated in favor of proximity switches.  The operator control panel will be upgraded to an Allen-Bradley HMI (Touch Screen).

The Power Unit also gets a complete overhaul.  Motor sent out, pump rebuilt, all valves rebuilt including the air check valves operating the slo-draw and dump valves.  Tank cleaned out and filters cleaned/replaced as necessary.

These rebuilds will add YEARS to your BP machine.  If your machine is tired and become undependable, there is no need to spend 500k or more for the project.  Give us a call to discuss MUCH more affordable options.